First week in Canada

Now I’ve walked on Canadian soil for one week and I love it here.
What have I learned? Well:

  • How friendly Canadians are
  • How to lock a door with a door KNOB (as we only have handles in Sweden)
  • How their storm drains is designed
  • How large all packages at supermarkets (and smaller shops) are!
  • How intimate the press reports about crime victims (full name, age, interviewing friends/family about how they where as persons etc)
  • How cheap food is, both in supermarkets and restaurants
  • How Kleenex is a institution over here
  • How the cashier does the packaging after you’ve bought food at the store

…and lots and lots of more. It has been a slow start with a lot of time to settle, explore, study, doing fun stuff, socialize e.t.c. It has been perfect! Although I cried a little when I video-phoned Daniel this morning (he was so cute and we hadn’t seen each other for 10 days!) I’m not homesick at all. I’m just happy about having a lot of time left here.

To be continued, and Happy Friday!


Derby with the Dames


Well OH MY!

Last night I went to my first derby practice with Lethbridge roller derby guild and woah.. Hello Panic zone! Two hours on rough cement floor starting off with a warm up consisting of 25-in-5 as a pack..?! I just threw myself into it and it was so much fun! It was a great experience to train with a completely new set of players and trainers, learn about new strategies, practicing new drills, and to scrim again. Wow!

Fun trivia for Swedish derby players: I saw a bunch of Villain wheels (they had them on all eight) during practice, but also many morphs! Those seems much more common here than in Swe. How fitting that I got my package from Rollergirl yesterday then: more morphs! And zero nuts, and wheel bags, new wrist guards etc. Now I’m aaaaall set. For now, hehe.

But oh, back home we really need to start practice on these kind of floors more often. Or else I will continue to go totally terrified every time I do. Oh what the hell, as if it would ever stop me.

I love this crazy sport. I suuure do.


Quilting group

You know how people are awesome? Yes they are. I met with two such groups yesterday. First my friend Lindas’ quilting group. The second one I’ll tell you about in another post.

I’m a proud knitter and back in my hometown I’m a member of Västerås Knitters who meets at Waynes coffee every Monday to chat and knit. Especially because I’ve been skipping a bunch of Mondays lately due to derby I went overly excited when Linda told me that her friends were coming over here for their weekly meeting!

So I had the privilege to join them in their knitting, embroidery and coffee drinking – and it was so much fun. I love to spend time with people of different ages and places in life, so it was perfect to have the chance to be a part of it. To hear about their stories, lives and way of seeing things. And to see their impressive pieces of work! And I even got a couple of compliments myself for my mitts.

Truly a great event to attend to. Totally unexpected. I just find myself smiling when I think about that I have been knitting with a bunch of great, smart, elderly Canadian women. Who would have thought!


I’m here!

I’m actually here! Jet lagged and all. It took me three flights, of which one suffered major delays which forced me to run straight across Heathrow with a red ”express connection”-tag waving in my hand. But it all went well and then I spent 9h 15min eating great vegan food, drinking a couple of (small) bottles of wine and watching tv-series on my way over to Canadian soil. Time, and half the world, flew by and then I was picked up by my dear friends and generous hosts at Calgary airport.

Now I’m settled in a nice room in their house. Yesterday we took a walk around the neighborhood before lunch, and in the afternoon they took me for a guided tour by car around the city – including a stop at a cozy pub.

I feel at home already. This is going to be so very great.
To every part of this adventure: cheers!


Bye bye Sweden!

The journey has started!

My mom drove me to Luleå airport at 04:30 am this morning and now I’m waiting on my next flight: London baby! It feels superb to actually be on my way. I’m not super sad about leaving the -33° (!) we had yesterday either. On our lunch walk yesterday (see video clip above!), when the sun lid and the temperature hit it’s warmest note for the day, it was ”only” -30,9°. My precious poodle managed to stay alive thanks to small socks on her paws, haha. May she be well during her stay up north while I’m away.

Well well. Time, and me, flies.

To be continued!